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Imaging Service Rates 

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Architectural and Small Business Rates

Real Estate Listing Rates and Book Services


We offer 2 types of imaging services, Architectural / Small Business and Real Estate. Now some people may think these are one in the same but in reality they are very different. Architectural photography is generally for Home Builders, Interior designers, Architects and Small Businesses for the intent of promoting a business or product. Real Estate photography is for the the sale of a singular house or property. 

 Still sounds the same? So technically whats the difference? In short, The goal of traditional real estate photography is to sell a home. The photos are shot with a wide angle lens to quickly and accurately show off the size and overall look of a room or property. Real Estate photos are edited and returned to you quickly. Real Estate Photography rates only include a Limited License where the photographs can only be used in conjunction with the sale of the property by the Agent and Agents Brokerage. 

 On the flip side, Architectural photography features tighter angles and more thought out composition, to highlight certain details or amenities in a space. Typically, Architectural photography takes 2X or 3X more time than real estate photography and produces 1/2 the amount of images. Furthermore, much more time is spent editing Architectural Images. Unwanted items such as power cords, glare, reflections, vents, switches all can be removed in an effort to create a perfect composition. Architectural Photography rates also include an unlimited usage license so the client is free to use the images in many different ways to promote their respective business. 

Real Estate Listing Rates and Book Services

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